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Why do I need the right footwear for my job?

The human foot is an amazing piece of engineering consisting of 20 muscles, 28 bones and 33 joints all with unique functions. The foot performs a number of complex and opposing functions during each step. After heel strike the foot needs flexibility to adapt to uneven terrain and attenuate loading forces, while during push off the foot needs to transform to generate and efficiently transmit power to the ground. The performance requirements of the foot and ankle are the foundation of our design process. Workplace specific requirements and design features to minimise injuries are overlaid with the performance demands of the foot and ankle. This unique design philosophy is epitomised in our SYST-M® stamp.


The TORQUE range is designed for workers requiring comfort and versatility in their safety footwear. The TORQUE range combines a PU cushioned midsole, TPU outsole, high grade leather uppers and integrated ScuffCAP for durability. The fitting profile best suits workers with a wider than average midfoot and rearfoot.



The M-WRAP™ range is engineered to provide targeted medial support on the inside of the foot, while integrating classic styling with modern innovation. The M-WRAP™ sole unit is modelled on foot movement patterns for optimised traction and performance on a firm surface.




Designed to maximise grip from initial contact to toe-off, the Traction Control Range is ideal for slippery environments including cleaning, hospitality, food processing, roofing and healthcare sectors. The asymBEVEL™ and Hydrodynamic™ systems in the Traction Control Range are designed to maximise ground contact area and disperse fluid from the ground shoe interface throughout the gait cycle.


Designed for the diverse tasks undertaken by tradesmen. The TRADE RANGE are comfortable and versatile boots at an attractive price point.



Comprising of both ultralight injected EVA gumboots and traditional PVC gumboots, MACK’s range are suitable for any application. The light weight of the EVA gumboot range makes these styles ideal for workers that spend all day in gumboots. The durability of the PVC styles are ideal for workers exposed to sharp objects and only need gumboots to complete some tasks during the day.


The women’s specific ladies range is designed to provide a cross section of fitting profiles for different foot shapes and a variety of industry applications.





Designed for workers that want stylish safety footwear that is designed to fit and worn to perform throughout the day. The range is ideal for site managers, engineers, foremen and those involved in light industrial applications including warehousing and transport.


Designed for both work and play the MACK non-safety range is designed to be comfortable and functional.


The ADAPT™ range is designed for work on rough terrain. The ADAPT™ sole technology and articulated FIT system improves adaption to uneven terrain and optimised movement performance epitomising SYST-M® . The lightweight designs minimise fatigue and maximise performance.