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Workplace cleaning

Removing calcium build up from a urinal

A contractor came to us with a photo, wanting to rejuvenate an old urinal – the answer was simple. We recommended using 3 in 1, diluted at a rate of 1:20 with water, which is then sprayed onto the surface and left for 20 minutes, before flushing off with clean water. On receiving an excited phone call after the first application, our contractor was more than happy with the results. We recommending continuing the applcation ongoing in a maintenance cleaning regime, once monthly. The 3 in 1 also got rid of unwanted uric acid smells instantly.

Removing urine stains from a floor

One of our cleaner clients wanted to remove the uric acid build up from a toilet floor. Again we recommended 3 in 1, a little scrub, and some dwell time, and the floor came back near new, plus without the bad smells.