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Graffiti Removal

We were asked by a council customer for a solution to removing 100 + spray can marks left by a utilities company, on the main street shopping strip. We used Graffiti Stripper, some scrubbing, and the rinse off with water – the end result, a very relieved customer who will get their shopping strip back to looking like new.

Anti Graffiti Coating

To protect your valuable assets, protect them with our silicone based Anti Graffiti Coating. Once applied, if the surface gets tagged with graffiti, the paint will not stick and some water will clean it up easily.

Graffiti Shield

Protect your valuable assets, Graffiti Shield applied to some iconic landmarks.

Graffiti Removal

One of our councils wanted a graffiti remover to remove a Valentines day proposal from a round-about that was causing a lot of near crashes due to the distraction. We went onsite to demonstrate our product Graffiti Stripper, the client bought on the spot.