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How to remove carbon & oil build up from stainless steel heat exchanger plates?

When asked what would assist cleaning carbon & oil build from staionless steel heat exchanger plates, we immediately turned to U Beaut. We demonstrated the product along side their existing method, which was to spray the product onto the soiled surface and leave for 20 minutes. After that the surface was pressure sprayed to remove the contaminant. In this trial, U Beaut achieve a better clean, and also took 3.5 minutes less to clean – when you clean a couple of hundred at a time, this was a massive saving. After the trial we recommending using the U Beaut in a bath situation with some aeration for agitation – this saved more time, but also got an even better finish.

What to use in a ships hold?

One of our customers needed to remove a build up of carbon & oil from inside a ships hold. As U Beaut does not have any odour, we instantly recommended it, using it anywhere from 5:1 to 20:1 diluted with water. In their demonstration on the ship, a solution was sprayed onto the surface, and wiped off with a rag – they were happy with the results.

What to use to clean up the aftermath of an oil rig fire?

In the middle of the Indian Ocean, one of our customers needed to clean up the remaining residues after a fire on an oil rig. There was no room for testing, we had to give them the right option – UBC was the go to, with great results

Removing Heavy Duty Grease

The question was asked: “How do we break down a thick heavy grease from machinery parts?” The answer was simple.

  • Firstly spray Strip Lube onto the surface and let it do the work for between 10 – 20 minutes
  • Once the grease has been broken up, use either UBC or U Beaut to break down and clean the surface, slight aggitation may be required
  • Rinse off with water to have surface back to new – refer the before / after photos

Old motorcycle

A neighbour to our warehouse was restoring an old motorcycle, fortunately for him he came to us for advice. There was a lot of surface rust, grease, grime that looked like a daunting job. For the stainless / crome we recommended Stainless Steel Cleaner, and for everything else U-Beaut Safety Degreaser – the results speak for themselves.

U Beaut

A customer asked for a safe to use degreaser to clean up a trucking company yard. We recommended U Beaut, which they used in conjunction with their cleaning equipment. They & their customer were amazed at the high level of cleaning achieved, all without affecting the surface.

U Beaut

A tautliner curtain had been previously cleaned with a standard truck wash. U Beaut was then trialled, it removed a lot more of the built up road grime and diesel soot, all without harming the curtain surface.

U Beaut - Cleaning Dirty Floors / Stairs

A local shopping centre wanted a car par & stairs cleaned with a safe biodegradable product. We jumped straight onto U Beaut with great results – Spray on, Scrub, Let Sit then rinse off.

U Beaut - Safety Degreaser

When walking through one of our transport customer site, we came across a diesel bowser that needed a spruce up. We recommended U Beaut, and within twenty minutes we had it looking great. U Beaut will remove Diesel / Carbon soot, oil grease and many more from most surfaces – safely.

U Beaut - Safety Degreaser

A fast food store had a problem with grease being walked out of the resaurant to the drive through. We demonstrated U Beaut scrubbed onto the surface and then rinsed – job done.