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Removing Heavy Duty Grease

The question was asked: “How do we break down a thick heavy grease from machinery parts?” The answer was simple.

  • Firstly spray Strip Lube onto the surface and let it do the work for between 10 – 20 minutes
  • Once the grease has been broken up, use either UBC or U Beaut to break down and clean the surface, slight aggitation may be required
  • Rinse off with water to have surface back to new – refer the before / after photos

Old motorcycle

A neighbour to our warehouse was restoring an old motorcycle, fortunately for him he came to us for advice. There was a lot of surface rust, grease, grime that looked like a daunting job. For the stainless / crome we recommended Stainless Steel Cleaner, and for everything else U-Beaut Safety Degreaser – the results speak for themselves.

U Beaut

A customer asked for a safe to use degreaser to clean up a trucking company yard. We recommended U Beaut, which they used in conjunction with their cleaning equipment. They & their customer were amazed at the high level of cleaning achieved, all without affecting the surface.

U Beaut

A tautliner curtain had been previously cleaned with a standard truck wash. U Beaut was then trialled, it removed a lot more of the built up road grime and diesel soot, all without harming the curtain surface.

U Beaut - Cleaning Dirty Floors / Stairs

A local shopping centre wanted a car par & stairs cleaned with a safe biodegradable product. We jumped straight onto U Beaut with great results – Spray on, Scrub, Let Sit then rinse off.

U Beaut - Safety Degreaser

When walking through one of our transport customer site, we came across a diesel bowser that needed a spruce up. We recommended U Beaut, and within twenty minutes we had it looking great. U Beaut will remove Diesel / Carbon soot, oil grease and many more from most surfaces – safely.

U Beaut - Safety Degreaser

A fast food store had a problem with grease being walked out of the resaurant to the drive through. We demonstrated U Beaut scrubbed onto the surface and then rinsed – job done.