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Stainless Steel Cleaner

When asked by a facilities management company to come up with a solution to clean the rust & tea-staining and then protect these stainless steel gates at a Melbourne University, the answer was simple. We went out and demonstrated Stainless Steel Cleaner applied with a white scourer (non-scratch), and then when completely dry, apply a light coat of Stainless Steel Sentry for protection – great products, for great results.



Are you looking for a safe and reliable weed control spray? These before and after shots show the results after using our organically certified herbicide – BioWeed Organic. When mixed and sprayed correctly, we guarantee the results.

BioWeed - Pattersons Curse

In country Victoria, Pattersons Curse is a real pest weed. One of our country councils has been using it very effectively to quickly control its spread. The photos below show the before, and then ten minutes after spraying with BioWeed.

Restoring vehicles

Old motorcycle

A neighbour to our warehouse was restoring an old motorcycle, fortunately for him he came to us for advice. There was a lot of surface rust, grease, grime that looked like a daunting job. For the stainless / crome we recommended Stainless Steel Cleaner, and for everything else U-Beaut Safety Degreaser – the results speak for themselves.

Cleaning around the work place

Removing calcium build up from a urinal

A contractor came to us with a photo, wanting to rejuvenate an old urinal – the answer was simple. We recommended using 3 in 1, diluted at a rate of 1:20 with water, which is then sprayed onto the surface and left for 20 minutes, before flushing off with clean water. On receiving an excited phone call after the first application, our contractor was more than happy with the results. We recommending continuing the applcation ongoing in a maintenance cleaning regime, once monthly. The 3 in 1 also got rid of unwanted uric acid smells instantly.


Algae Died B

How hard is it to remove algae, moss & lichen – not hard at all. Using Algae Died B, mix at a rate of 1:10 with water, spray on liberally onto surface to be treated. Algae should just disappear within the next day, with moss & lichen taking a few days longer.



We were asked by a contractor to a council, what could be used to remove glue residue used to fix tactile units to a pavement. Solvents are the answer, so we provided samples of D’Limonene, Bituclean & Citra Force – all worked well.

The process was to apply the product, and let it work for around 10 minutes, then aggitate the surface, and then rinse off with a degreaser (U Beaut) & water.


Glue residue requires a solvent based product to break it down. In the photos below we used both Citra Force & Bituclean . The process involved applying the product and then scrubbing with a stiff bristle broom. Once the residue had been broken down, we rinsed with water and a clean rag.


Anti Graffiti Coating

To protect your valuable assets, protect them with our silicone based Anti Graffiti Coating. Once applied, if the surface gets tagged with graffiti, the paint will not stick and some water will clean it up easily.


Protect your valuable assets, Graffiti Shield applied to some iconic Melbourne landmarks.

Graffiti Removal

One of our councils wanted a graffiti remover to remove a Valentines day proposal from a round-about that was causing a lot of near crashes due to the distraction. We went onsite to demonstrate our product Graffiti Stripper, the client bought on the spot.

Bitumen + Tyre Mark Cleaning


To easily remove Bitumen oversprays and tyre marks from warehouse floors – Bituclean is our recommended product. Simply spray onto surface to be cleaned, agitate, then rinse off with a degreaser such as U Beaut. These photos show the before and after, taken by a couple of our customers – If you need advice, call us anytime to arrange a no obligation demonstration.


Removing Heavy Duty Grease

The question was asked: “How do we break down a thick heavy grease from machinery parts?” The answer was simple.

  • Firstly spray Strip Lube onto the surface and let it do the work for between 10 – 20 minutes
  • Once the grease has been broken up, use either UBC or U Beaut to break down and clean the surface, slight aggitation may be required
  • Rinse off with water to have surface back to new – refer the before / after photos

U Beaut & Citra Force

We used U Beaut to clean the diesel from this bowser, and Citra Force to remove the old sticker & glue residue.

U Beaut

A customer asked for a safe to use degreaser to clean up a trucking company yard. We recommended U Beaut, which they used in conjunction with their cleaning equipment. They & their customer were amazed at the high level of cleaning achieved, all without affecting the surface.

U Beaut

A tautliner curtain had been previously cleaned with a standard truck wash. U Beaut was then trialled, it removed a lot more of the built up road grime and diesel soot, all without harming the curtain surface.



We picked up a tired timber chair from a customer, offering to treat it with H2Oil – a great result

Our customer treated the remainder of the furniture – “like brand new”


Old and dry timber seat, beautifully restored with H2Oil – Merbau


Before the start of Covid-19 restrictions, we visited a large catholic college in Melbournes’ Eastern suburbs. They were having issues with decking oil not lasting, and also areas where on cold mornings had slip hazards on various boardwalks around the school.

We naturally recommended H2Oil, but for the slip hazard areas, put forward the Traction product which gives a P5 slip rating.

Below are some photos, with more to come – great result.


We picked up a park bench from one of our councils. We offered to spruce it up with our water based timber & decking oil – H2Oil. Firstly we cleaned the old coating with UBC mixed at 40:1, using with a black scourer. We then neutralised this with Timber Prep mixed at 5:1. Lastly we applied three coated of H2Oil – Merbau Gloss. The frame was recoated with some Instant Cold Gal.

When we took the finished product back to the customer, they were delighted with the new look.


Have you got an old & tired looking deck? An intial clean using UBC to get the old oils & tanins out of the timber, and then two coats of H2Oil will bring it up looking brand new. This deck was done in January 2017, and is still looking a treat now.


One of our customers took our advice. An intial clean using UBC to get the old oils & tanins out of the timber, and then two coats of H2Oil will bring it up looking brand new.


Stainless Steel Cleaner

Stainless Steel at a coastal town cops all the elements to tarnish its looks. Faced with rust & tea-staining, we used Stainless Steel Cleaner at a rate of 1:5 with water, and applied using a white scourer (non scratch). After leaving for 5 minutes, we rinsed off with water to leave a “as new” surface. To protect further we recommend using Stainless Steel Sentry.



Various applications on local and overseas infrastructure



Various applications on shopping centres and warehouses



Porous Sealer applied to bluestone pool surounds, and granite areas – no change in slip rating on surfaces or changes in surface appearance.