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Organic Weed Control / Algae

Algae & Moss on a golf course

Algae & moss are annoying fungaces, even more so on a golf course green. Here we demonstrated how to kill the algae & moss without affecting the grass on the green.


Are you looking for a safe and reliable weed control spray? These before and after shots show the results after using our organically certified herbicide – BioWeed Organic. When mixed and sprayed correctly, we guarantee the results.


BioWeed Organic is safe to use around the house, and you get fast results. These photos were taken within an hour, from the intial spray to the end result.

Algae, Moss & Lichen

How hard is it to remove algae, moss & lichen – not hard at all. Using Algae Died B, mix at a rate of 1:10 with water, spray on liberally onto surface to be treated. Algae should just disappear within the next day, with moss & lichen taking a few days longer.

Bioweed - Pattersons Curse

In country Victoria, Pattersons Curse is a real pest weed. One of our country councils has been using it very effectively to quickly control its spread. The photos below show the before, and then ten minutes after spraying with BioWeed.

Bioweed - Demonstration

We met up with a local council to demonstrate the application and then revoiew the end results. This demonstration was done at 8:00 on a frosty winters morning (note the frost on the ground). We marked off an area and sprayed the entire weed population. When we came back to review the results at 3:00 that afternoon – amazing. The last photo was taken 60 days after the initial spray.

Algae on Buildings

A local shopping centre needed to remove algae from various areas around the externals of the centre. Our immediate answer was Algae Died B, mixed at 20:1 and sprayed onto the various surfaces. Within a day, the algae was gone.